Our Directors

Kumar Siddharth

Kumar Siddharth is a successful Stock Market Technical Analyst with a wonderful grip on the market’s Psychology. He holds a master’s in Psychology. His personal experience in data interpretation, data analysis, and Technical analysis of charts makes him an expert Psychologist in stock trading. He has been portraying his expertise since 2006. His command on charts is commendable.  His passion to study market behavior & his insight into understanding logics & market behavior helped him to come up with innovative solutions for using artificial intelligence in the stock market. His vision leads to the formation of algorithmic software to facilitate trading activities. His passion has made trading a number game treating profit and loss equally as numbers.

Dr M P Singh

Dr M P Singh is a well-known experienced Surgeon in North India.He was trained and persued his Medical /Surgical  Studies at the premier  All India Institute of Medical  Sciences , New Delhi.

His prominent Surgical carrier has spanned nearly 4 decades of hard work at large hospitals including a 3 year stint at United Kingdom. Later into his illustrious carreer he held administrative posts  as a Medical Director at large Hospitals for 15 years.At these posts he developed a keen interest in Medical related Businesses and Healthcare related Business.

Being at a Senior Aministrarive Post he had the responsibilities to hire n fire doctors and staff and handle various other problems arising thereof.

But it was the charting out strategies for promotion advertisement  and sales which interested him most at this stage of his carreer.Dealing with representatives of various Large Healith Related businesses plus planning / execution of Marketing plans stirred a profound passion for business in him.

Looking for scalable enterprise he acquired new skills and knowledge eg Stock Market Investments/trading, Algorithmic Trading  and Training, Coaching/ Education in this field. His passion  as a VC is to promote and make funds available to genuine, hard working  players in this hot business of current times. Successful Algo Creation and its marketing  to generate wealth and employment remains his dream.